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New from MMP is the Pocket Chapter H that for the first time collects all the ASL vehicles and ordnance for all the nationalities in one place. Following in the footsteps of the innovative Pocket Edition Rulebook, Pocket Chapter H has all the Chapter H pages from all the modules: German, Russian, American, British, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French, Allied Minor, Axis Minor, Finnish, and all the participants in the Korean War, as well as the Design Your Own rules. 

The format is the same as the Pocket Edition Rulebook, with quality paper thinner than the regular ASL Rulebook, less than 3/4 inches thick, and measuring approximately 7.5 X 9.5 inches. The back cover shows the C3 To Hit Table and the To Hit DRM charts. Pocket Chapter H is a comprehensive and handy table-side supplement to the core rules that no devoted ASL player should be without. 

ASL Pocket Chapter H

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