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By taking advantage of Print On Demand technology, MMP has produced a softcover version of the 2nd edition ASL rulebook. This latest Pocket Edition is on even higher quality paper than before, although still thinner than the regular rulebook, and is about 3/4  inches thick and measures approximately 7.5 X 9.5 inches. 

The Pocket Edition contains core Chapters A-G, J, K, & W and the full Index. All errata is now incorporated. The Pocket Edition also sports a handy IFT chart on the back cover. 

The Pocket Edition is not meant to replace the full 2nd edition rulebook, but it is a comprehensive and handy table-side reference to the core rules that no devoted ASL player should be without. 

Don’t miss out on the new Pocket Chapter H and Pocket Charts books, which are perfect supplements to this Pocket Edition of the rulebook. Get all three together at a discount. 

Note:  This is a print on demand product and our inventory may fluctuate. If/when we sell out, more will be ordered from our printer. It can take approximately two weeks for us to receive a restock!

ASL Pocket Rulebook v2

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