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A Strategy Game for 2 – 3 players


The Mediterranean Sea in ancient times. Images of magnificent coasts to be explored and legendary civilizations that rose to power come to mind.

The game series “History of the Ancient Seas” is the ultimate journey through these exciting times. Build new fleets in your city to explore unknown lands, conquer islands and build a great empire.

In DIES IRAE, the second installment in the “History of the Ancient Seas” game series, you will lead one of the great Empires like: The Greek City States, Egypt or Persia and fight for dominancy in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. The people from all of these empires see the Gods as their allies and trust them as supporters for their cause! DIES IRAE is originally a three player game! game but the the “Archimedes” Solitaire bot and the “The King is dead” static empires feature allow you to reduce the player count if needed.

The challenge in a three player game is that gamers face a constant two versus one constellation. All three players have to fight eventually on two fronts at the same time and have to keep a close eye on both opponents. The worst case is that two of them are in an armistice which means they could both focus on you. Each player should avoid this situation at all costs.Which god will help their people the most in the struggle of dominancy in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea?

History of the Ancient Seas: Dies Irae (inglese)

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IVA inclusa |
Ne restano solo: 1
  • Contenuto

    • large 84 x 60 cm mounted Map board
    • 312 wooden Playing Pieces
    • 38 Playing Cards
    • 74 printed Talent Coins
    • 3 Player Sheets for tracking troops & income
    • 2 Play Tracks for Development & Ressource tracking
    • 3 Play Aids with Ressource Icons, Cost Table and Stability Status
    • “Archimedes” solo mode Rules and Cards
    • Game Rulebook


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