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A Strategy Game for 1 – 2 players


The game series “History of the Ancient Seas” is the ultimate journey through these exciting times. Build new fleets in your city to explore unknown lands, conquer islands and build a great empire.

In HELLAS, the first installment in the “History of the Ancient Seas” game series, you will lead one of two great City States – Athens or SpartaHELLAS is originally a two player game game but the “Archimedes” solitaire bot allows you to play HELLAS in full solitaire mode

Your goal is to become the leading empire in known world. To achieve this, you will need to build armies and fleets to increase your military might, expand trade routes, conquer islands and provinces, develop your military skills, economic efficiency and culture, while always keeping an eye on the wealth, happiness and stability of your people.

History of the Ancient Seas: Hellas (inglese)

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  • Contenuto

    • large 84 x 60 cm mounted Map board
    • 241 wooden Playing Pieces
    • 38 Playing Cards
    • 74 printed Talent Coins
    • 2 Player Sheets for tracking troops & income
    • 2 Play Tracks for Development & Ressource tracking
    • 2 Play Aids with Ressource Icons, Cost Table and Stability Status
    • “Archimedes” solo mode Rules and Cards
    • Game Rulebook
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